Quick Start Guide

1Flow makes it very easy to reach out to your users in-the-moment and automate user feedback at scale. An initial survey to get some quick results is typically the first thing a 1Flow customer will build. Therefore we have created this guide to explain how you can build a great user feedback survey for your project.


What you’ll need:
  1. A 1Flow user account with Editor/Owner/Admin access (if you’re the first one from your company to try 1Flow, sign up here; otherwise, ask your teammate who already have an account to invite your email to join)
  1. 1Flow SDK installed in your project
  1. Approximately 20-30 minutes
Now let’s get started!

The structure of your user feedback flows

Typically you’ll need the following 4 kinds of user surveys in-app:
1. Recurring general feedback
NPS, Customer Satisfaction, and Product-Market Fit surveys help you keep a close tab on customer sentiment, so you can retain users and build the right features for them.
2. Feature specific feedback
Specific rating and feedback questions triggered when user just interacted with a key feature / completed a key user flow. These feedback flows help you easily understand & measure how much value you’re delivering to your users.
3. Persistent feedback form
An evergreen feedback flow triggered when user clicks on submit feedback button in your app. User can self-identify which category of feedback this is, and provide details. This helps you track feedback and feature requests easily.
4. One-off user research surveys
When you have a hypothesis about a user problem or potential solution, use 1Flow to launch one-time studies to validate assumptions with your actual users, so you don’t waste months building the wrong features.
We provide many ready-made and battle-tested templates based on your jobs-to-be-done right inside 1Flow - feel free to explore and hope these will serve as inspirations for you.
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For now, pick a first use case you want to implement and follow along!

Create your first survey(s)

Step 1: Create a survey

  1. Go to your 1Flow dashboard (https://dashboard.1flow.app)
  1. Click on “Create Survey” button
  1. Browse the template collection categorized by goals
    1. Recurring general feedback: Pick a template from NPS, CSAT, CES, PMF for recurring use case
    2. Feature specific feedback: Pick the template “Feature satisfaction”
    3. Persistent feedback form: Pick a template from Feature Requests or Bug Reporting
    4. One-off user research surveys: Pick a template from Beta Product Feedback or Feature Prioritization
    5. Or, click on “Start from scratch” to create your own

Step 2: Edit the content

Set up the title and language(s) for this survey

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  • You can click to edit the survey title - 1Flow will automatically save your changes

Edit the content for each question screen

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  • Click on any screen to immediately start editing the text. All changes are auto-saved.
  • Drag and hold to move cards around - you can switch orders by dragging.
  • From the toolbox dropdown menu, you can change the screen type of any question screen.
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Once you’re done with editing the content, click on the “Configure” tab to switch to more settings. The rest of the steps will happen there.

Step 3: Configure survey settings

Customize the design to fit your brand

Click on Configure to navigate to survey settings. Here you can customize the appearance for your survey.
You can select Brand Color, Background Color, and Text Color using either the color picker, or directly inputting the hex color value (without the leading # character).
You can preview your changes by clicking on the Preview button (with 👁️  icon) next to Publish button.
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You can further customize the widget position and many more options.
Want to customize the font? This is done part of the SDK integration process. Refer to the SDK installation guide for your tech stack for more details.

Select which platforms to launch this survey

1Flow is cross-platform. That means you can launch the same survey across mobile, web, and shared link. Select the platform(s) that make the most sense for your needs. We recommend to start with one of web or mobile (iOS/Android).
Note: for shareable link, you’ll need to first publish the survey before you can try it.

Select trigger(s) and target the right audience

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Triggers: To trigger 1Flow survey, you’ll need either an event trigger (both web and mobile), or a page trigger (web-only). At least one trigger is required, but you can add multiple triggers as you like.
Note: If you are only using the survey as sharable link, then you don’t need to add any trigger.
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For mobile, you can add event rule session_start. This is the default 1Flow event tracked automatically when the app launches. For web, you can start with a page rule URL contains yourdomain (such as “1flow.app” for us), or URL contains "pricing" if it is targeted at the pricing page.
Audience: You can optionally limit the survey to a selected audience. With audience rules, you can specify user filters based on user traits, events performed, and/or cohort membership. Leave empty if you want all users to see it.
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You can keep it blank to target all users. Or if the app with SDK is already live and you only want to target yourself, you can target by Cohort and select the cohort your test account is in. Adding yourself to a new cohort can be done from the Users page of 1Flow Dashboard. Then you simply add an audience rule to target yourself by that cohort you just created.

Confirm the frequency options

  • Recurring: if you want the same user to periodically give you more feedback.
    • Set recurring survey - can retake after 0 hours/minutes if you want the feedback form to be persistent (e.g. triggered on every button click).
  • Single use: if you want each user to only submit one response ever.
More options available, but for now you can keep them untouched.

Test and launch

Testing a survey by targeting yourself / your team only

This can be done in the “Triggers and Audience” section > Audience Rule.
While you can certainly target yourself by user trait (e.g. email contains {your domain}), we recommend that you create a manual cohort, and add yourself / your team into that cohort. Then, you can simply add audience rule to target by Cohort.
  1. Go to 1Flow Dashboard > Users page
  1. Click on “+ New” button on top left panel to create new manual cohort
  1. Go back to all users tab, search your user ID in the search bar to find yourself
  1. Click on the checkbox next to yourself
  1. In the options that show up, select “Add to manual cohort”
  1. Head back to your survey draft and add audience rule by Cohort
Once you’re done, publish your survey and test it.
The survey should be immediately available after publishing, but you need to background quit your mobile app and then relaunch it for surveys to fetch and show up. For web, you’ll need to refresh your page.

Publish the survey

Click on Publish button. If all your settings are correct, it will be published successfully. If any errors, please follow the prompt to fix issues before trying again.
While it’s unlikely, if you ever get stuck, please email support@1flow.ai or use the in-app chat widget to ask for help - we’re typically fast to respond.

Viewing responses and analytics

You can click on the survey title in the surveys page of your 1Flow dashboard to access the report, anytime after the survey is published.
Here you’ll see the engagement stats (total viewed / responded / response rate), breakdown for each question, and many filters and date range picker.
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You can also download the CSV for further analysis.
In the Responses tab, you’ll see each individual response, linked to the user’s profile - so you can tie the feedback to user identity and understand their journey with user’s 360 profile.
Congratulations! You have successfully launched your first in-the-moment user feedback survey(s) using 1Flow’s powerful platform. Customer understanding will officially become your competitive advantage as you leave competition behind in dust.

What’s next: get notified about responses

1Flow is more powerful when you connect it to your team workflow. We recommend every team to start by setting up Slack and / or Email alerts, so that the customer feedback is automatically channeled to the right team members to review and take action.
Setting this up is super easy and can be done in the next 60 seconds.
  1. Head to 1Flow Dashboard > Integrations
  1. Connect your Slack workspace by clicking on Connect button and following the instructions
  1. Add new alert (email / slack)
  1. Select which survey(s) should trigger this notification
  1. Select which Slack channel / Emails to receive this notification
  1. Save your changes
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